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What Are the Top Selling Wood Products on Etsy?

The following is my answer to a question on Quora:  What are the top selling wood products on Etsy?

Among the top selling wood products on Etsy are:
personalized wood signs (personalized items outsell generic products on Etsy)personalized wood blocks / home decor items like you would see on shelves or mantles. unfinished and finished wood cuts in various shapes like unicorns, clover leafs, letters, etcartistic looking lamps, birdhouses, ornaments (around xmas time) Check out Etsy’s top sellers’ stores in the woodworking category at: CraftCount

A sidenote about Etsy top sellers:  the products that sell best are well made. They are also well photographed in lifestyle settings. Shoppers buy from great images so whatever you make, invest money in great images — it’s what makes the difference on Etsy and other online stores.

Though the top Etsy shops in the woodworking category sell lots of items, you can't assume it's just because of great listings. The owners are doing a great …
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